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Weight Loss Hurdles – Dr. David Long

Weight Loss Hurdles

– Genetics can make it harder for some people to lose weight
– Aging can slow down metabolism and make weight loss more challenging
– Hormones like cortisol and insulin can trigger fat storage in the body
– Medical conditions like hypothyroidism or polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause hormonal imbalances and hinder weight loss
– There may be multiple explanations for inability to lose weight even with healthy eating and exercise habits
– It’s important to talk to a doctor about frustrations and explore solutions together

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The inability to drop pounds can be downright frustrating. Even if one does all of the right things, including eating nutritious foods and getting regular physical activity, it may still be difficult for people to reach their weight loss goals. For example, many people don’t realize that their genetics play an important role in their ability to shed pounds, making it harder for them to burn calories efficiently.

Additionally, as people get older, their metabolism tends to slow down, making it more challenging for them to lose weight. Even with regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Hormonally speaking, certain hormones like cortisol, the stress hormone and insulin, the blood sugar hormone, work in tandem with our body’s fat storage system. Too much cortisol or insulin in our bloodstream triggers our body’s natural desire to stockpile fat reserves.

This is why diet and exercise might not be enough. Other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or polycystic ovarian syndrome could also be creating hormonal imbalances, which may explain why you may not be losing weight. In short, there could be multiple explanations as to why a seemingly healthy person may find themselves unable to lose weight. Talk to your doctor about your frustrations and explore a solution together.

I’m Dr. David Long, that was the long story short. 

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