Urgent Care
You need a medical provider you can trust to be available when you need them. You don't always know ahead of time when you will need a doctor. At LCHC we take a particular interest in working efficiently to help get patients with acute illness or injuries in and out of the clinic in a timely manner. We'd love to save you a trip to the ER if we can too. With on-site X-ray, lab and wound care capabilities, we are prepared to treat lacerations, fractures, acute illness, or flare ups of existing medical issues like asthma. We offer rapid Covid-19 testing as well.
Worker's Compensation
Treating injured employees requires a special understanding of the Worker's Compensation system. There are complex rules and challenges that just don't apply in the regular healthcare setting, but an employee just wants to get back on the job! The employer needs their worker back quickly! It is expensive for both the worker and the employer to have extended on-the-job injuries. At LCHC we put our Occupational Medicine experience to work for laborers and employers to get their people back on the job ASAP in a way that saves money for the employer and gives the worker the satisfaction of being a provider for the family and a productive member of the workforce.
Family Medicine
The breadth of medical knowledge doesn't get any greater than that of a Family Medicine physician. From the nursery to the nursing home, a Family Medicine physician must know how to best handle a wide array of patients' complaints. At LCHC we deliver excellent primary care with attention to preventive care for the adolescent age group to late adulthood. Our providers would love to be your family's one-stop for healthcare for both scheduled health maintenance annual exams or walk-in visits for acute issues.
Hormone Optimization in Women
We have recognized the need for hormone replacement in women for over 50 years. Some unfavorable publicity from a study in 2002 caused a decrease in HRT and this has caused negative consequences for women's health and quality of life. We've come a long way and, now that we have bio-identical hormones available, we can more confidently optimize estrogen and testosterone levels in women helping them to age healthier and live happier with fewer side effects and risks compared to traditional synthetic hormones. Yes, women need testosterone, and at the right amount, many women find better sleep, more energy, increased libido and improved metabolism among other favorable effects. Make an appointment with one of our hormone optimization certified providers to see if you are a candidate for the treatment.
Hormone Optimization in Men
We've all seen the ads for over-the counter testosterone boosters for men. The problem is, those products do not contain high-quality, bio-identical testosterone and commonly cause unwanted side effects while not providing the body with the natural hormone it craves! Clean testosterone in the right amount can lead to much better mood, increased strength, improved sleep and enhanced sexual performance. Hormone decline is an inevitable part of aging, but with accurate hormone optimization, men can feel their best well into older age. See one of our certified BioTe providers to discuss your options for hormone optimization.


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