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Vaping – Dr. David Long

Vaping Summary

  • Vaping appears to be less harmful than cigarettes in terms of physical effects, but is still an intoxicating and addictive substance.
  • Vaping may become more dangerous due to the strength of nicotine or other substances that can be concentrated into vape pens. 
  • Scaling back on nicotine content may help someone trying to quit smoking, however it can lead them back when stress levels rise again.  
  • It is recommended to discontinue any nicotine containing substance for safety and wellbeing reasons.

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I wondered if vaping is safer than smoking, maybe you thought of using vaping as a means of stopping smoking. When we compare the two, I think it’s important to break it down to two categories, physical and mental physically. 

We are just beginning to discover the full effects of vaping on the body, but it appears that although there’s evidence of cellular damage to the lung tissue, it does not appear to be as harmful to the heart and brain as cigarettes mentally. 

It’s a different story. Even if it’s safer, physically, when you vape nicotine, you are still using an intoxicating, addictive chemical to have more stress relief. It’s never healthy to have your peace and stress reduction tied to a regular steady dose of any intoxicating substance. 

And this way, vaping and cigarettes are no different. In fact, given the strength of nicotine or other addictive substances that can be concentrated into vape pens, it’s reasonable to suggest that vaping may be more dangerous. You can scale back the nicotine content, and this could be helpful to someone who’s committed to stopping smoking. 

However, what often happens is the person continues to vape and then when stress levels go up, their brain reminds them of what they really need is a cigarette. And the person relapses back to cigarettes. I recommend discontinuing any nicotine containing substance. They are just aren’t healthy. 

Be safe, be well. I’m Dr. David Long, and this was the longest story short.

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