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Do I Get the Vaccine? – Dr. David Long

Do I Get the Vaccine? Summary

  • It is highly recommended to get the COVID-19 vaccine as it has been proven effective against severe disease and death, including the Delta variant.
  • Breakthrough infections may still occur in fully vaccinated people, but they will be protected from serious illness and death. 
  • If multiple vaccines are available, getting any of them is better than none; most pharmacies offer free vaccinations. 
  • The risks of not getting vaccinated far outweigh those associated with vaccination; numbers are currently rising due to increased circulation of infection which can lead to new variants forming such as the Delta variant.

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Have you been struggling with the decision to get the COVID vaccine or not? The COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States are highly effective at preventing severe disease and death, including against the Delta variant, but they aren’t a hundred percent effective and some fully vaccinated people will become infected. 

That’s called a breakthrough infection and they’ll experience illness for such people. The vaccine still provides them strong protection from serious illness and death. I’m often asked which vaccine should I get? 

Well, if we can’t test the different vaccines at the same time and in the same group of people, we can’t really compare them one to another very easily. My answer about which one is the best is the one you can get. First is the best one. You can go to almost any pharmacy in town and walk in and get the vaccine for free.

Don’t wait this out. Don’t hold off for a while and see what happens. Numbers are shooting up and the more circulating infections there are in our community, the more chances there are for variants to form the Delta variant is the fourth one. And there will likely be more the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks. 

I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short.

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