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GET MOVING – Dr. David Long


• Dr. David Long encourages individuals to move their body in a way that is fun for them, such as jumping, running, walking, dancing and playing sports. 

• Moving can help reduce stress levels and promote better physical health while also providing a sense of accomplishment. 

• Exercising regularly has been scientifically proven to have many positive benefits; therefore Dr. Long urges people not to stay sedentary but rather start moving now!

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What if I told you there was something that could lower your stress, change your outlook, boost your health, help you sleep more soundly, give you a sense of accomplishment and create a natural rush of positive energy. And that thing is free. Hopefully you’d ask what this is?

Sometimes, some call it exercise. But I like to simplify it to something less akin to drudgery. It’s just movement. 

That’s right. Move. If you’re able to move your arms, move your legs. Move that amazing body of yours in a way that is fun for you. 

Jump, run, walk, dance, play a sport, lift some heavy stuff. A few times, swim laps in your bathtub, whatever you choose. Do it alone! Do it in a group!

Move to music or move in silence. Do it inside of the gym or do it outside. Just stop the stopping. Say no to the sedentary, climb off the couch. Stand up from your desk. 

Walk away from the screens. Forget the stress of the everyday and move, move, move. The more you move, the more you will experience those positive things I mentioned before. 

Science backs me up on all of this, and your life will prove science to be right when you decide to start moving and keep moving regularly. Why not start now to quote a song title? I dare you to move!

I’m Dr. David Long, and that was the long story short!

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