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Rest – Dr. David Long

Rest Summary

  • Rest and work are sometimes seen as opposites; however, busy-ness is not always a good thing. 
  • Scrolling through phones or playing games may not provide rest since it can be exhausting for the brain. 
  • Rest includes more than physical activity – mental, emotional, and creative rest are beneficial. 
  • Recent studies in neuroscience and psychology show that resting allows us to recharge and cultivate new insights. 
  • Rest looks different for everyone but should leave a feeling of being refreshed and recovered.

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Give it a rest. Yes. Do that. And today’s world rest and work are seen as opposites, working hard and hustling until you have nothing left is praised busy-ness is considered something to brag about. 

Some of us believe scrolling through our phones or playing games as resting, since we’re sitting and not doing anything really productive and actuality, it’s exhausting. Your brain trying to process the high sensory videos and loaded information.

Some people believe they’ll rest when they sleep. If you can’t rest while you’re awake, do you really think you’ll get rest? You need while you’re sleeping. 

If you are in a constant state of stress, even while you sleep, your body could be producing the stress hormone known as cortisol, which means your body is not resting. 

Rest is not sleeping. Rest is not laziness. Rest is medicine. Resting is more than physical. 

It’s mental, emotional, creative resting is ceasing to work and worry and be in a state of just being recent work in neuroscience and psychology supports this kind of rest. It shows how it allows us to recharge and be more productive than just pushing through our day and gives us the mental and emotional space to cultivate new insights.

Resting looks different for everyone. It can be taking a walk or sitting for 10 minutes, taking slow and deliberate breaths. It can be journaling or doing something creative that doesn’t produce anything. Whatever takes you out of the stress and worry. Make sure it’s something that will leave a feeling of being refreshed and recovered, learning how to rest and recharge as a skill that will lead you to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short.

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