Do Your Own Research – Dr. David Long

Do Your Own Research Summary

  • Doing your own research can be beneficial, however it is important to consider the source and take what you read with a grain of salt.
  • Building trust in a doctor-patient relationship is essential for medical concerns. 
  • It takes years of experience and education to properly discern accurate scientific information from dangerous falsehoods. 
  • To ensure accuracy, consider taking any online findings to a trusted medical provider before proceeding with treatment or advice. 
  • Dr David Long reminds us that the COVID vaccine works and is available for free at almost any pharmacy in town!

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Do your own research. We’ve all heard this recently. I want people To educate themselves about medical issues, but the implication behind doing your own research is usually that you’re being duped. You should resist. They, whoever they are, are withholding information from you. 

At the heart of this problem is the breakdown of the doctor patient relationship. If we don’t have a physician, we can trust to voice medical concerns and then we frequently turn to the internet. 

The problem is discerning what information is accurate and what is not. If I Googled how to repair my carburetor, I would take what I found and run it by a trusted mechanic before I would proceed. 

Because while I did my research, I need to respect the education and years of experience the mechanic has that simply can’t be duplicated with some passionate internet surfing for a few minutes or hours or days during my decade plus of education in science and medicine.

Before my 15 years of continuing medical education during my career, I spent a lot of time learning how to discern solid scientific information from dangerous falsehoods. So did your doctor find a doctor you trust and trust them to read about vaccines, but be sure to consider the source, take what you read and run it by a trusted medical provider. 

Also, did I mention the COVID vaccine works and is available for free at almost any pharmacy in town?

I’m Dr. David Long, and that was the long story short.

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