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Avoid Cognitive Decline – Dr. David Long

Avoid Cognitive Decline Summary

  • Dr. David Long explains that it is normal for people to experience a slow and gradual decline in mental capacity as they age, but there are ways to maintain brain function. 
  • Exercise can help prevent cognitive loss and improve the brain’s functioning of those who already show early signs of dementia. 
  • A Mediterranean diet high in fruits and vegetables has been shown to have cardiac and brain benefits while social interaction helps prevent mental decline caused by isolation.  
  • To stay sharp, individuals should engage in activities such as reading, writing, playing music or doing crossword puzzles on a daily basis which will lower their risk of cognitive decline or dementia over time.

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How’s your memory? If your mind is still as sharp as it was years ago, it’s normal for us to notice a slow and gradual decline in our mental capacity. 

But there are some things that we can do to maintain brain function because of science, expanding life expectancy so much, we’re going to live much longer than our bodies were designed to. We need to accept that truth, but do everything we can to be as functional as possible for as long as possible. 

Here are some things we can do to improve our cognition. Exercise. Exercise has been shown to decrease the chance of diabetes and heart disease, as well as high blood pressure. 

It can also help prevent cognitive loss and has been shown to improve brain function in patients who are already demonstrating early dementia. A Mediterranean diet, a diet high in fruits and vegetables that minimizes red meat in favor of fish and poultry has been demonstrated to have cardiac and brain benefits. 

Social interaction, social isolation is a strong risk factor associated with mental decline. Having a network of friends really helps prevent that sleep. A well-rested brain functions so much better with mental stimulation. 

We know that people who continue to learn new things and read and write and play music and do crossword puzzles have regular discussions. They have a much lower incidence of cognitive decline and dementia. Get into a good habit of doing these things daily. To help you be as sharp as you can for as long as you can. 

I’m Dr. David Long, and that was the long story short.

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