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Hearing Loss Summary

  • Hearing loss can be caused by aging, prolonged exposure to loud noises, ruptured eardrum from a sudden loud noise or trauma to the eardrum and genetics.
  • Hearing problems are associated with depression as it makes it difficult for people to socialize. 
  • An audiologist can conduct a hearing test which is helpful in quantifying hearing loss and recommend treatments such as using hearing aids or surgery if needed. 
  • Prevention of hearing loss is recommended through avoiding prolonged exposure to loud noises and positioning oneself face-to-face during conversations when having difficulty understanding what others say in noisy environments.

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Have you ever noticed that your hearing may not be as sharp As it once was? Do you have trouble understanding What people are saying in noisy environments? Do you notice ringing in the years? 

These are all symptoms of a slow degradation of the tiny hairs and nerves in the cochlea of the inner ear. When this system becomes damaged, it can’t send the electrical impulses to the brain as efficiently and hearing declines.

The most common costs for this are aging and prolonged exposure to loud noises, a ruptured eardrum from a sudden loud noise or trauma to the eardrum by sticking something in the ear can also cause sudden hearing loss, genetics can also play a role in gradual hearing loss. Hearing problems are also associated with depression since it can make it more difficult to socialize. 

A hearing test by an audiologist can be very helpful to quantify hearing loss and hearing aids can be really effective at restoring hearing. Sometimes surgery can be helpful too. The best approach is prevention. 

I recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to loud noises, such as loud concerts, heavy machinery and gunshots. If you are having difficulty with hearing, position yourself face-to-face during conversation, ask the other person to speak more clearly, but not more loudly. 

See an audiologist or your doctor for more recommendations. Sometimes friends or family may recognize the problem before you do. There is help available!

You don’t have to just put I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short.

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