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Take A Break! – Dr. David Long

Taking A Break Summary

• Consistently not taking breaks can negatively impact productivity, mental and physical wellbeing, and overall work performance.
• Taking a lunch break relieves stress and helps refocus, prevents fatigue, allows muscles to rest and perform better, provides a creative boost when problems arise, and ensures the body has the nutrients needed to remain productive.
• Dr. David Long encourages people to take regular lunch breaks for these reasons.

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Does this sound familiar? I’m just gonna eat a quick bite at my desk, or I’ll just work through lunch and leave early.

You may have done this once or twice, but to consistently not take adequate breaks, hurts your productivity, your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as your overall work performance. Besides boosting your productivity, there are other reasons why you should take a break.

Number one, it relieves stress and helps you refocus. Taking a lunch break allows you to break away from the grind and help you relax. Some people have found themselves more happy to return to work after taking a break.

Number two, it prevents fatigue. Even just stepping away for 20 minutes has proven to improve concentration.

Number three, fewer aches and pains. If you have a desk job, getting up from your desk and moving around helps relieve muscle tensions and joint aches. Whereas if you have a job on your feet, sitting down allows those muscles to rest and perform better for longer periods of time than not taking a break.

Number four, you’ll get a creative boost when problems arise. You have to sometimes think creatively to get out of those situations. Taking a break allows your mind to rest and come back with a fresh mind to come up with solutions rather than grinding your way through them.

Number five, your body will get the nutrients it needs. Besides if your stomach’s empty, how is it gonna keep you going through the stress and laboring hours when there’s no fuel to keep it going? Take a lunch break.

I’m Dr. David Long, that was the long story short.

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