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Arthritis Prevention and Help – Dr. David Long

Arthritis Prevention and Help Summary

  • As we age, our joints can start to break down due to arthritis.
  • Risk factors for developing arthritis include family history, age, gender and obesity. 
  • Exercise and keeping weight in check are important steps in preventing the onset of arthritis symptoms. 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as CBD oil can help reduce joint swelling associated with arthritis. 
  • Steroid injections or other medication may be used to nourish a joint affected by the condition while surgery is an option if all else fails.  
  • If you or someone you know is suffering from arthritic symptoms it’s best to consult your doctor for treatment options available.

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Have you noticed as you get older, you start to feel like the tin man from the wizard of Oz, like your joints just need a little grease. Arthritis is a breakdown of the hard and smooth cartilage surfaces that cover the ends of bones at a joint risk factors for arthritis including family history, age, gender, and obesity. 

We shouldn’t be surprised that our joints break down with age, the way nature sets things up. It had no intention of us living. As long as we do.

 Science has expanded human life expectancy so much that we far outlive our cartilage. In many cases, there are many effective treatments for arthritis. Like most things. The most important approach is prevention. 

It’s very important to keep our joints strong with exercise and keep our weight down. Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful to decrease the swelling in joints. CBD oil is also effective. 

Often a steroid injection into an arthritic joint provides lasting relief. There are medications other than steroids that can be used to help nourish a joint. 

Finally, if nothing else has worked, a joint can be replaced with surgery. If you or someone you know is suffering from arthritis, go see your doctor and start the process of improving those symptoms.

I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short!

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