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Energy Levels – Dr. David Long

Energy Levels Summary

  • Dr. David Long recommends that patients experiencing a low energy level should look for potential stressors such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition or emotional stressors in their life. 
  • It is important to check the quality of sleep and get blood work done to ensure hormone levels are optimized and any chronic diseases can be ruled out. 
  • A combination of factors could cause fatigue but it is worth investigating with your doctor so you have the energy needed to live life fully.

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Or you miss having the energy that you did in years past, there are many things that can cause someone to feel like their energy level is low. When I’m discussing this topic with patients, I always look for stressors in their life, such as too little sleep, poor nutrition, not enough exercise or emotional stressors. 

Then it’s worth checking in to see if the quality of their sleep is sufficient. Getting some blood work to be sure their hormone levels are optimized. 

Also checking for things like diabetes, anemia, hypertension, and other chronic diseases can be useful when investigating fatigue. Occasionally it turns out to be a specific problem causing the fatigue, but more commonly it’s a combination of these things. 

If you’ve noticed that your energy levels are declining, get with your doctor, start the process of investigating. We want you to have the energy you need to live life to the fullest. 

I’m Dr. David Long, and that was the long story short.

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