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Stress – Dr. David Long

Stress Summary

• Stress can have negative effects on physical health, such as weight gain and high blood pressure.

• Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats can help to reduce stress.

• Exercise and yoga can be beneficial for releasing endorphins to reduce tension. 

• Getting enough sleep is key for helping the body to bounce back from stressful times. 

• Dr. David Long recommends removing non-essential things from one’s life in order to reduce stress levels.

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What if there was something that could fix daily stresses? What if there were simple and easy things for you to do in your busy schedule to help with stress? 

Some days it’s hard to find time, space or motivation to take good care of yourself when there’s work and bills and school and children to raise et cetera. However, too much stress that endures too long can negatively affect your immune system and cause physical symptoms such as weight gain, high blood pressure and insomnia. 

Here are a few stress relief practices to try out following a healthy diet. When we’re stressed, we desire to eat comfort foods with refined carbohydrates and high fats and added sugars. Resist this temptation, because it can oftentimes increase your stress levels. 

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and lean meats, foods like eggs and avocados and walnuts, support, mood regulation, and energy balance. And don’t skip meals as this too. Can escalate stress, exercise, do yoga or go for walks or ride a bike, physical activity, relieves tension and stimulates the release of chemicals in your brain called endorphins, which can help relieve stress. 

I highly recommend yoga for its breathing and meditation techniques that can help you achieve calmness. Getting plenty of sleep, getting enough, adequate sleep plays a key role in helping you bounce back from stress and provide the healing that your body needs. 

No one deserves to live in a constant state of stress. Be honest with yourself and remove the non-essential things out of your life. 


I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short!

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