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The Perfect Holiday Life Recipe – Dr. David Long

The Perfect Holiday Life Recipe Summary

• Prioritize rest for your mind and body; get 8 hours of sleep at night and take 3 brief mental/emotional breaks each day. 

• Be mindful when it comes to eating; enjoy the food, but don’t stuff yourself.

• Take time to appreciate the beauty around you.

• Identify the important things and focus on those, letting go of the rest. 

• Make time for fun activities with family or friends. 

• Offer words of encouragement to those around you – especially those in your family.

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At holiday time, a lot of people are looking for the best recipes that lead to the best holiday dishes. But I have the perfect holiday life recipe for you to follow that will lead you to feel your best before, during and after the season comes to a close here’s the recipe letter by letter, rest yourself. 

Yes, there are lots of extra things to be done at holiday time, but make sure you prioritize rest for your mind and your body. Get eight hours of sleep at night and take 30 minute mental and emotional rest stops about three times a day eat, but don’t stuff. 

Holidays bring out lots of fun food option, and it’s tempting to eat as much of it as you can, as quickly as you can eat and enjoy, but take it slow stuff. Stockings, not your stomach. 

Carve out time for creation with all the hustle and bustle. We rarely pause and look at the beauty around us. Once a day, take time to take in the intricate creations all around you identify the important things you can’t give your attention to everything. 

Try to identify the most important things and do those blow the rest off. So you don’t overstress play. In other words, have some fun, fun. Isn’t just for kids. Fun is for you to play something new or do something you haven’t done in awhile. 

Encourage family and friends. Your words have power to lift people. Your family members could use a lift, especially the more annoying ones. Trust me. Those are the six ingredients I recommend for your best holiday life recipe.

I wish you and yours the best ever. I’m Dr. David Long. And that was the long story short.

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