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CBD Oil Summary

• CBD is a naturally occurring substance found in hemp, which can provide feelings of calmness and improved sleep.

• It can be beneficial for those wanting to get off more harmful pain medications. 

• CBD oil is available in Texas but not well regulated at this point, so it’s important to find high quality products with third-party analysis showing its full spectrum content and low THC levels. 

• Dr David Long recommends trying CBD if you have anxiety or trouble sleeping as it is not unsafe or addictive.

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Have you ever wondered what CBD oil is? Have you been afraid to try it because you think it may contain marijuana or THC? CBD stands for cannabis. It is one of two cannabinoids. The other is THC. This is the intoxicating and habit forming chemical found in marijuana. 

CBD on the other hand is found mostly in hemp. CBD is a naturally occurring substance that happens to attach to receptors in our bodies that lead to feelings of calmness and improves sleep for some people. Other people report that it decreases their pain. 

It can be helpful for getting them off of more harmful pain medications. It is available in Texas but it is not well regulated at this point. That is, you can probably find a CBD project at the local convenience store checkout counter, but this is not the quality of product that you want. 

High quality CBD is not unsafe. It is not THC or marijuana. It is not addictive and it can have multiple beneficial effects. I recommend trying it if you have anxiety or trouble sleeping. A good product should come with a third party analysis showing that it is a full spectrum CBD oil and the THC content is well below the legal limit. Be safe! 

Be well! I am Dr. David Long and that was the Long Story Short. 


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