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Changing Recommendations – Dr. David Long

Changing Recommendations Summary

  • Many have become frustrated by the changing recommendations from scientists and officials regarding COVID-19. 
  • Science is not truth, but rather a pursuit of it; good science changes as new data comes in. 
  • Dr. David Long emphasizes that one must follow the best available science and be willing to change course if better information arises. 
  • Vaccines are currently the most important preventive measure we can take against COVID-19, according to Dr. Long’s advice

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Have you been frustrated by the changing recommendations about COVID from our scientists and officials? It seems every few weeks we hear different advice about wearing masks or social distancing or vaccinations. 

Has this caused you to have less trust in the scientific community? If so, I don’t blame you, but we must remember science is not truth. Science is the pursuit of truth. Good science is always changing.

Science takes good data and adjusts all the time. This willingness to change course based on new and better information is exactly what distinguishes science from faith. 

I have no faith in vaccines. If tomorrow there’s better data that suggests better preventive measures to rid humanity of this pandemic. I’ll change my position on vaccines immediately. 

The scientists are adjusting their recommendations because that is their job. Follow the best science confer with your colleagues, make the best recommendations and reevaluate tomorrow. 

That’s what science is supposed to look like at this point. The COVID vaccine is by far the single most important preventive safety measure. We can take to get this pandemic back under control. 

I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short.

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