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Division – Dr. David Long

Division Summary

  • Dr. David Long explains why the pharmaceutical companies have liability immunity with the COVID vaccine: it is so effective at stopping the spread of this disease and vital to protecting our country, people, and economy that we cannot afford for them to stop production and distribution. 
  • The government made a financial decision to absorb lawsuits rather than pay for medical needs of an under vaccinated population by creating a fund to compensate those who may have had a vaccine injury. 
  • Dr. David Long recommends getting vaccinated as it is free at almost every pharmacy in town and has proven very safe and effective.

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Have you gotten a sense of how divided we are in this country? It Seems whatever group you’re in seems to think the other group is stupid or uneducated or sheep or snowflakes. 

We can be skeptical of the notion someone else holds and still be respectful of the person. More importantly, I should be skeptical of the positions that I hold and be willing to have them scrutinized by someone else.

If we choose to be cynical, then we hurl insults at the opposing groups and surround ourselves with others who do the same thing. 

This bolsters our unearned competence in our position. And if we are to be honest with ourselves, it demonstrates a deep fear of having our position intelligently challenged. It is like that quip about people who are getting vaccinated are just sheep.

They are not helpful for anything beyond a shallow chuckle among the other cynical people who feel like you are that remark about how stupid people are for denying science.

It is not going to convince one single person to get a vaccine. My mom taught me that a kind answer turns away wrath, but devious words stir up anger. Let’s engage in listening and efforts to understand one another over, more binding cynicism, and see if we can’t close that divide. That is so prevalent In our culture right now. 

I’m Dr. David Long. That was the long story short.

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